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品牌介紹  ABOUT US

EUODIA音響品牌創立於2016年,品牌創始人 許永祥 先生,投入了十幾年的時間研發,於2016年成立品牌,並用一年的時間準備行銷相關的工作,2017年正式推出上市。許先生更是創意陶瓷“瓷嬉工坊”的創始人,具有三十年的美學設計及陶瓷開發的製作經驗,而EUODIA更是他心中詮釋完美生活價值的實踐作品。創立EUODIA的宗旨更是希望能為生活創造出更多價值,能真正品味產品在生活中所帶來的樂趣,而不是被浮誇的品牌形象模糊了對品味生活的定義,真正的品味是能為心靈帶來深刻的影響,直覺感受生命中那一份屬於自己無可取代的成就感!二十年來,我們努力的想將台灣精湛的工藝技術與開放自在的人文美學整合,創造出展現傳統工藝價值與現代時尚美學並茂的作品,如今此理念經由EUODIA品牌的成立而實踐並傳承下去。十年以上對陶瓷在聲學上的研究,利用陶瓷對聲音的獨特響應原理,結合專業的音響開發人員開發出具獨特美聲的陶瓷音箱,身歷其境有如原音重現的臨場感,都是EUODIA音箱獨特而無可取代的聲覺藝術。在外觀上更是展現工藝美學的極致,無論是現代時尚或古典藝術,都是精湛工藝的最佳呈現,更是展現獨特生活品味的最佳詮釋!我們始終認為,生命中的成就感是建立在生活中一種深刻而獨特品味所帶來的榮耀,睿智的選擇讓人尊崇的品味與格調,而非稍縱即逝的品牌虛榮價值。​​

The EUODIA audio brand was founded in 2016. The founder of the brand, Mr. Hsu Yongxiang, has invested more than ten years in research and development, established a brand in 2016, and spent a year preparing for marketing-related work. It was officially launched in 2017. Mr. Hsu is the founder of the creative ceramic “Porcelain Workshop”, with 30 years of experience in aesthetic design and ceramic development, and EUODIA is a practical work in his mind to interpret the value of perfect life. The purpose of creating EUODIA is to create more value for life and to truly appreciate the fun that the product brings in life. Instead of being exaggerated, the brand image blurs the definition of taste life. The true taste is able to The soul has a profound impact, and the intuition feels that life is an irreplaceable sense of accomplishment! In the past 20 years, we have tried hard to integrate Taiwan's exquisite craftsmanship with open humanistic aesthetics to create works that show the value of traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion aesthetics. Today, this concept is practiced and passed down through the establishment of the EUODIA brand. More than ten years of research on the acoustics of ceramics, using the unique response principle of ceramics to sound, combined with professional audio developers to develop a unique ceramic sound speaker, the experience of the original sound like the original sound, are unique EUODIA speakers And there is no substitute for the art of sound. In appearance, it is the ultimate expression of craft aesthetics. Whether it is modern fashion or classical art, it is the best presentation of exquisite craftsmanship, and it is the best interpretation of unique life taste! We always believe that the sense of accomplishment in life is based on the glory of a profound and unique taste in life, the wise choice of respectable taste and style, rather than the fleeting value of brand vanity.

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